Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kittens Twelve Days Old

Kittens Twelve Days Old
I still believe they were a week overdue their eyes opened at five/six days and I understand most open between eight and twelve days (did you know long haired cats eyes open later than short haired?). All kittens are born with their eyes closed and ears curled over thus making them blind and deaf. After all the important thing is to sniff out that milk and all cats have a very good sense of smell. Cats have amazing hearing hence why they are born deaf as their little brains could not process all the worldly noises. For most cats their ears will open (go pointy) at about nineteen days aaaannnndddd YEP you guessed it Inky and Pinky can hear already! In fact I think Inky could hear a couple of days ago as she turned her head a couple of times when she heard my voice. They are getting so big it will be interesting to see what they weigh on Saturday? I've had to start blocking in the sides of the nest and laying soft towels around the nest as it is only a matter of time before one of them gets out... they look so funny peering over the edge looking from me to Turblow. Turbs just looks at me as if to say 'your here you sort them out I'm on a break' of course I don't need asking twice and I'm more than happy to be of help! LOL

 Look Inky have a couple of black toes

 Turblow still has not regained her figure


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