Thursday, 3 April 2014

Kittens FIVE days old

Turblow and her little ones Inky and Pinky are doing well. The kittens are feeding great and Turblow is a good mum. She has no problem with me picking them up so long as she can still see them. I have had a few worries with Turblow first with her being so big were there any more kittens? No! Then she was spotting a little but I understand that's quite normal and she eats well runs around and spent a good half hour yesterday playing with a toy mouse. I'm guessing she is quite the hunter?
Big news one of the kittens has there eyes open.....I still have no idea if they are boys or girls?
I will weigh them on Saturday when they are a week old.
And now for the pictures.....


  1. Awww ... they are so cute :)
    Glad to hear they are all doing well :)

  2. Oh--so sweet! I see one peeking! :)