Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Holding my hands up MY NO LONGER FOSTER CATS

So I will start with one of my other cats this is Gezabelle she was bitten on my hind leg a couple of weeks ago. She went missing for two days and we were all frantic. Finally found and a neighbours shed roof when I tried to get her down she fell of the back of the shed into yet another neighbours garden.... long story short she is OK now and I have a vet bill for almost £600!!!!

Yes, she looks like Ashley (Turblow)

 Ashley and the boys (Perri and Jordan) are doing well now Perri is over he 'issue' with the flu etc jab.

They were not very happy at us going on holiday without them. (Even though dad was looking after them)
 As to my other cats


 Yes, I love my black and white cats. I keep saying I would like another colour next time but still .... a cat's a cat and what does colour matter?

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