Monday, 28 July 2014

Time for a Kittie update

Kittens Seventeen weeks old
All is well in my cat world... well apart from the little issue of I STILL can't mix Turblow (Ashley Banjo) with my cats  Godfrey, Gezabelle, Izzabelle and Anibelle. Ashley is a real pain and will go for any cat around!!!! Sometimes even her boys (Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely)  If your wondering about the names my daughter Amy is made about the dance group Diversity. So it's God and his Belles V the Diversity cats! At the moment I let one group out and when they all come home we let the others out. Indoors we lock one group in the living room when the others are shepherded upstairs to a bedroom. It works but only just! LOL
Perri is all better now and running me raged Jordan is Jordan  a major pain in the butt! Talking of butts Ashley still sits on their heads when the get to much for her!!!! Perri is still a lot smaller than Jordan and I wonder if he will stay that way? After all the real Perri at 19 is still small 

 Now for my boys

 Eating breakfast has the odd problem

 Don't worry it's water not milk
The boys first time in the garden

Two little boys feeeeeeling gooooood!

 Perri in a box

And now for the weigh in

Perri 1700 grms (59.67ozs)

Jordan 2260 grms (79.72 ozs)

Still a very big difference

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