Sunday, 30 March 2014

Day One...Kittens

Today is Mothers Day in the UK so Happy Mothers Day to all mothers everywhere. 
No incidents in the night and no more kittens. So we have just the two Inky and Pinky. Parly is now buried in my garden. 

 Love these with Turblow giving hugs

 Inky and Pinky have their first fight!!
Turblow allowed my to weigh her babies Inky is 170gms 5.99oz and Pinky 150gms 5.29oz from what I found on the web the average kitten weighs 100grms so no wonder that Turblow was so BIG. I also had another quick look at their marking and they still look the same, but they are so little and wiggly plus, I don't want to upset Turblow so will look again in a few days.

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