Friday, 2 May 2014

Kitten overload

Four and a half weeks and getting very naughty
 Playing with mums tail is always fun

 As is eating the sofa
 Or Godfrey's Hedgehog
 Fortunately Godfrey did not mind
 Siblings are always good for some ruff and tumble

 But everything stops when you need a clean

 Or a tickle
 Love this picture what do you think Pinky is trying to say?

 Turblow still has a big tummy

 Look mum I squished Pinky

 Look at that belly it's crying out for a tickle

 They found the litter box and twice I have had to retrieve sleeping kittens!!!!

 The game is you sit on the bridge and when your sibling wonders through.... well you can guess the rest!

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