Monday, 19 May 2014

Kittens are now Seven Weeks Old

Now is the time I need to start looking at my little ones moving on. I knew it was going to be hard and I'm not disappointing myself! Just the thought of it makes me want to cry.But I do still have a couple more weeks I think that is just going to make it harder though? I've never given anything away not even my dolls (Although my dad DID give all my dolls away to this horrid girl who lived next door! OK, I was seventeen and no longer played with them but they were not his to give away and .... well, you get the idea! LOL) 
This week Turblow and the kittens Thursday 15th visited the vet for their check up and first worming. They are all fit and healthy, Inky and Pinky are both boys! So there you have it BOYS! Lovely, handsome, funny, feisty, nutty, cuddly boys.
Who could not want my boys? They will make you laugh (lots) give you love and cuddles and make WONDERFUL companions. 
Not my place to say but I feel they should stay together as they are so close! After all two kittens are so much more fun than one. They are fully litter trained and (most of the time) will stop when told NO!
They are happy to be picked up and love a nice cuddle (and a computer) I guarantee you will never have any problems with rodents as Turblow is a wonderful mouser I've watched her 'kill' many a toy mouse she is training her boys well.
Turblow is a clever cat and the kittens are pretty smart I'm sure you will be able to teach them tricks if you so desire.
Cats are either bush or tree dwellers... these are tree! So will need a nice perch or six!  I'm teaching them to use the scratching post and not my carpet or furniture, they are pretty good at this. 
So what more can I say? If your interested in my boys you will need to be checked out by Scratching Posts Cat Rescue 


Address   Woodgreen Road, Waltham Abbey, EN9 3NA, England

Phone      01992 626110


If your looking for girl kittens or older cats take a look on their website or give them a call they have sooooo many cats and kittens looking for forever homes. 

If you live to far away or in another country think about getting another cat (or six) THEY NEEEED YOU! 

Oh, and if you have a big garden or live on a farm etc. Scratching Posts are always overflowing with Feral...semi-feral cats/kittens that need a good home too.  All you need is space and some place they can shelter from the weather.Oh, and some food would help too LOL.

Now what you have been waiting for.... kitten pictures


The weigh in for this week
Inky MASSIVE!!!! 1110grms
Pinky 890 grms

Please, if you a nice person think about giving my boys a good home (no ratbags need apply)

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