Saturday, 31 May 2014

Copy of letter I wrote to go with the kittens

Inky and Pinky

Turblow their mother came to live with me in February already looking huge but the kittens did not arrive until Saturday 29th March  at 11am Inky was born first and Pinky’s sack was attached to Inky’s they have had an amazing bond even on day one. There was a third kitten Parlee Vue who sadly did not make it.
Why the names? I named them before they were born and wanted names that would work for boys or girls. While Turblow was pregnant we thought she might have a big litter as she was so big she we had Inky, Pinky, Parlee Vue  (could have been two kittens) Hava and Banana! As it was Inky the first born looked like he had been jumping in ink with his white paws and black splashes. Pinky when born had a little pink mouth so the names worked well.
When born Inky weighed 170grms and Pinky 150grms (the average weight of a new born kitten is 100grms so big boys from day one.
The boys have been on solid food Inky almost three weeks and Pinky just over a week. Whiskas and Felix kitten and any make of dry food.
They do know the word NO! but like all youngsters pick and chose when to take any notice.
Both are litter box trained (I use newspaper and Catsan)
Favourite toys a tunnel, scratching post (yes, they know to use a post NOT the wallpaper) fur covered mouse, balls,  bird on a stick thing and the do love to climb.
They like to sleep of the floor.
Inky loves to sleep on your lap Pinky is more of a next to you cat but that might be more to do with Inky stopping Pinky from getting on?
They are very good sweet natured people pussy’s.
I have four other cats and although they have seen the other cats they have not mixed with them as Turblow would not allow it.
If you want to read more (including pictures and video) They had a BLOG

I’m sure these guys will give you a life of love and laughs

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