Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Kittens are nine weeks old

Today the kittens are nine weeks old and today they go back to Scratching Posts to find their forever family! If your reading this then yes, I did it! I managed to let them go! Sad? YOU BET! Did I cry.... YOU BET! I just have to hope the they find good forever homes and that they stay together.... I so hope they stay together but it's not down to me I just have to cross my fingers and hope!

So last weigh in 

Inky 1520grms

Pinky 1310grms

Goodbye my little ones and have a good healthy loooooong life!

Oh, and fingers crossed for Turblow she is driving me NUTS as she is in season (or as Amy puts it she want's a bloke!) She has peed up my doors and on my bed! She must be half Siamese boy has she got a mouth on her! Anyway due for the op next week and hopefully she will be better after that? 

OK, I lasted four hours! 
I neeeeded my boys! 
They are MY boys (well and Turblows)!

So I went back and brought my boys HOME! I just could not do it. I drove as slowly as I could when we took them to Scratching Posts. When we arrived I could not let go of the cage them I cried. My daughters cried. Inky and Pinky were put in with two other little boys just a day older than mine. My boys were naturally scared witless. Eventually we left and I had to really steel myself not to turn the car around and go back for them. We were all so sad and upset so in the end I phoned Scratching Posts and arranged to come back and collect them. At the moment Scratching Posts have OVER 100 kittens awaiting new families. They are really struggling to cope with so many ADOPT A KITTEN OR OLDER CAT PEOPLE THEY NEEEED YOU! Oh, and if you have a cat or kitten pleeeeaaassseee get them spayed! 
My boys were curled up in a ball together behind the cage door. Not sure who was the happiest to be holding them again me or them? 
This time fostering did not work for me. Will I try again? Maybe, I would like to try....
Inky is now called Jordan and Pinky is now Perri their mum who I'm also hoping to keep but will have to see how she gets on with my other cats. Turbow is now called Ashley Banjo. Yes, my daughters are Diversity fans!

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