Monday, 9 June 2014

Kittens at ten weeks

Not sure if I should carry on with this blog as the kittens are no longer 'foster' kittens but my forever kittens. But their mum Turblow is still a foster cat so I guess I can just about get away with it?
Inky and Pinky who are now Jordan and Perri are still growing and fighting.

(No I did not let the kittens eat the packing pellets)

For Turblow the week have not been so good as on Friday we visited the vets for her nurturing.
They put her in a jumper so neither her or her kittens could get at her wound.... it was off by the time we got home! Dang thing cost me £16 LOL!!! Fortunately I had a cone thing  so all was not lost. OK, so that's not the whole story. When any cat I have has an operation I always get up in the night to check on them. The kittens where not happy being kept away from Turblow and made quite a bit of noise. She I went down to check on them all... kittens fine but Turblow had managed to remove her cone thing!!! *sigh* So I had to put it back on  on the tightest notch. Still able to get a couple of fingers in so not to tight but it must be pretty uncomfortable. Back to the vet on Monday for a check up hoping for no more 'incidents'!
Saturday night all hell let loose when I thought all my other cats were in the kitchen with the door shut. But no when I opened the living room door where Turblow was my little Izzy was the other side... Turbs went for her before I could shut the door and chased her upstairs where she started to knock nine bells out of poor Izzy! I had to get them apart and my hand/arm took a bit of a hit. So much so that today (Monday) I had to visit the doctor for antibiotics and the recommendation of a Tetanus...said no to the shot as I'm needle phobic. Turblow is fine and I have now dressed her in the xxs sized sweater that I already had. I do have to take Turblow back to the vets in three weeks for her second shot and the vet said I could return the sweater...I think it would fit Godfrey!!!!

Weigh in for this week 
Inky/Jordan 1580grms
Pinky/Perri 1360grms

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  1. Suwi, not sure about how much interaction Turblow has had with your other cats yet, but if she hasn't actually had to interact with them (as in you've mostly kept them separated) then you need to go slowly about introducing her -- both cats can feel threatened even when no real threat exists.

    Since I don't know, I'd suggest reading this link from Jackson Galaxy:

    good luck since it sounds like Turblow needs a mommy like you.