Sunday, 6 July 2014

Kittens at Fourteen weeks

Missed out a couple of weeks as we have been very busy with end of term 'stuff' and collage 'stuff'. Last week 27th June the boys went for their jabs. Now I have never been very happy with these jabs some years ago I had an adult cat and thought it would be nice to get a pair of kittens. Wanting to do the right thing we visited the vet and she was inoculated against flu etc. Then the kittens came and they too had their jabs. Georgina died after a few days and Jem after one day! Didi survived but spent her life with ear problems and the snots! So I'm very apprehensive but a reaction is so rare how could it happen again? Hummm well, Jordan the larger kitten was fine but little Perri has been/ still is pretty poorly! On Saturday he was under the weather and by Sunday not eating or drinking and not able to play. WHY is it always a weekend???? Anyway I found a vet and Perri was put on a drip for a couple of hours (until they closed as they had no one on duty after hours). When we collected him he was looking a lot better and he did eat a little of the special food they sold me.
Monday he ate a little and even played a while with Jordan but mostly he slept. But late afternoon he was sick and had diarrhea so it was of to the vets where they gave me pro-biotics   and liquids under the skin (Yeah, strange I had never heard of this?)
Perri does not like the pro-biotics that I have to syringe into his mouth twice a day and it has been a pretty difficult job. He is still sleeping a lot but I'm hoping he is on the mend, still not eating a lot but I'm cooking fish etc for him. He is playing a little now but still not as much as he should so for now it's watching him and fingers crossed.
Their weight this week is 
Jordan 1700 grms
Perri 1360 grms (Exactly the same as four weeks ago)

Turblow has also visited the vet to be neutered and modeled this snazzy red sweater for 10 days. I was hoping that when it was removed the boys would no longer try and feed from her (Did not work and they STILL try!!!)

 These are all pictures of poorly Perri and mum Turblow

 Now without the sweater
Yes, there ARE three cats in these pictures!

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