Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Getting ready

Today (Monday 25/02/2014) I Sophie and I went for a drive to the vet I will need to use if my foster cat or kittens need one. It's in Potters Bar about half an hour away. It was easy to find and we came back another way this took about the same time so I think it will need to depend on the time of day as to weather we go cross country on on the motorway? We stopped of a Tesco for some shopping them home to finishing moving a few breakables in the dining room (nursery). By late afternoon I was just telling Sophie that it looked like no news today a message popped up in my facebook messages box.  Now most of these messages I get are just people say 'hi' in a range on languages and I just click them off as I don't do messages unless I'm buying/selling something on FB. So I was about to close the box and.... it was from Scratching Post the cat rescue people. They have a cat for me. She came in last week is very pregnant and when she was brought in as a 'stray' she had two 7-9 month kittens. VERY EXCITED but got to wait until Tuesday before I can collect her. 

You can find Scratching Posts on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/thescratchingpostcatrescue

And this is their WEB SITE http://scratchingpost.co.uk/

You can also by dinners for cats on EBay sometimes but they are not doing this at the moment. I will let you know when they have more.

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