Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Nope! Nothing yet!!! I'm NOT a patient person I want kittens and I want them NOW! LOL But Turblow will blow when she is good and ready. She sure is a people pussy. Amy visited her after school and Blow sat on her lap Amy was buzzing! Blow has done all the things a cat needs to do eat, drink, pee and poo. The poo was a gift in her litter box as I settled down on my laptop in 'her' room. She has no interest in any of her beds proffering the windowsill and my chairs. These are white leather dining chair I brought a couple of weeks ago. They are now covered with towels and I'm hoping the survive... but if not?  Well cats are a whole lot more important than chairs.

So I want to know who's the other side of this door then?

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  1. I love that you think cats are more important than chairs. Me too! Ha ha!