Tuesday, 25 February 2014

She's Here

This morning my mum and I went to Scratching Posts to collect my Foster girl.. Mummy to be. Amy wanted to call her Turblow OK, so should be TURBO but she can't say it! LOL So mum sat in the back with Turblow (I think we call her Blow for short) Why Turblow? well after the racing sail in the film Turbo of course! She is sooooo sweet been jumping around having a nosey at everything setted now and sleeping on a chair having eaten some munches and drank some water. Not used her toilet yet. Have been in her room a few times and she climes/rubs me. No purr as yet. The other cats are intrigued but they will not be allowed to go in her room and for some time yet she will not be allowed out. Oh, and as I will often mention Sophie and Amy I had better tell you who they are. Well they are my daughters Sophie is eighteen and Amy is eleven.

 This is Turblow

And this is Gezabelle I'm pretty sure they are the same age 19 months
And just because he does not like to be let out

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