Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hello and welcome

Yesterday (Saturday 22/02/2014) I had my visit and was approved as a foster carer for cats and kittens. I have four cats myself and at first I thought I would just get another couple of kittens. But when talking with my daughters I thought it might be nice to try fostering? I'm not so sure how this is going to work out as I'm a little easy with the heart and not so sure I will be able to give the mum and kittens back? But I love kittens and already have cats so I just keep telling myself if I can give them back we can have more.... so we will see? There is a real shortage of foster carers and the shelter I'm helping is a very good one it's where I got my last two cats from. 
So I'm ready now what will I get? A mummy who already has kittens or one still pregnant?  Will she have an easy birth? Most cats need little help but a lot of these mums are little more than kittens themselves PLEASE, PEOPLE GET YOUR CATS DONE!!! It's not fare on anyone especially the cats. A lot of places (RSPCA, Cat Protection etc) offer discounted or even free neutering. Just make a few phone calls. Will she have one kitten or eight? Will she be able to feed them OK? How will I handle it if she or one/all the kittens became ill or died? Well, I guess I will just have to wait and see fingers crossed all works out and they are well.
I'm going to use my dining room as a nursery I just need to move a few things when I know she/they are on their way. 
I'm going to check out the vets with Sophie (my daughter) tomorrow so I know where it is BEFORE I need to use it!
 Feeding time
 Izabelle and Anibelle (from cat rescue)
Godfrey my Maine Coon
 Gezabelle (got her from a car engine)

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  1. I''m enjoying your cat posts on your blog! I don't really have room to foster with 2 dogs and 3 cats, but I would love too. Though I am like you and am not sure I'd be able to give them back. I'd be a foster "fail". :)