Friday, 7 March 2014

Not Updated For A Couple Of Days

Not updated for a couple of days mostly because not much has happened Turblow is still not 'blowing' LOL. I think she wants to be in the Guinness Book Of Records? 
So what section is she going for? Maybe she has a VERY large litter 19 is the largest recorded and 14 where they all survived is the record I understand?
Longest gestation is somewhere over 72 days as far as I can find out, but then as I don't have and idea when she got pregnant so that won't work. That leaves largest kittens well 5oz looks to be close? Maybe she had a Maine Coon 'boyfriend'?
I did think we might have something yesterday as she did not eat her breakfast and when I can home from taking Amy to school she was banging on the dining room door.... turns out I had forgotten to turn the TV on for her!!!! As soon as I did this she settled right down? Oh, and she escaped twice the first time she went for a wander around the living room and then when I told her she had to go back she did. The second time was the other way into the kitchen and then through to the study this was more interesting and it took a little longer to get her back into the dining room. She was safe though all doors were shut and the other cats were out otherwise I would have stopped her. Not sure about this picking her up though as the only time I have done it was when she went to the vets last week ... worried I might hurt the kittens? 
So that's it.... we still wait!

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  1. She's a looker! I hope she births them soon though so she can be comfortable (she looks a bit like she swallowed a cow!) Good luck with the fostering! :D