Sunday, 30 March 2014

We have Kittens!!

Yep! Turblow finally had her babies at 11am Saturday 29th March 2014.
On the Friday she was being even more of a nuisance than normal attached to my leg?lap for the day. Not eating and ... well lets just say the litter box was change a lot!
Friday night she hammered on the door a bit and the odd meow but not as bad as the night before. In the morning it being Saturday we did not get up until nine having listened to Turbs singing for a while my other cats were eager to go out. Thank goodness it was a nice day. Then about 10am while I was sitting with my breakfast in the living room she started to act strange and making some odd noises. Then she started to go into active labour... on my rug! I thought cats liked to do this birthing stuff in a quite dark place but Turbs wanted to give birth on the rug with the girls and I in attendance Oh, and in a ray of sunshine. I quickly got her birthing box and she was happy to go in it saving my rug from  being destroyed. At 10.45 the first head emerged and by 11am we had our first kitten.

  A few minutes later the yucky stuff and the second kitten arrived along with that's ones 'stuff'. Turbs was still cleaning the first kitten so with the corner of the towel I helped a little with the second kitten and soon both were feeding as the third kitten started to arrive. Turblow cleaned this one and as I thought all was well went to get some lunch. Sadly on my return the third kitten was not moving so I started rubbing blowing etc but nothing I even picked to poor little might up and gave it a gentle shack like they do in Bondi Vet! Still nothing so I phoned Scratching Posts for advice. I had to accept it was dead and look after the others. By now Turblow was resting while the kittens fed. It looked like labour was over but only three kittens? Turblow had been soooo BIG? Another phone call to Scratching Post and the reassured me that sometimes there can be a big gap in labour. I should add that by now my parents had arrived for moral support. Don't forget this is my first time I had watched the video's on youtube but well.....

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  1. Well done Sue for your first kitten birth :)