Saturday, 1 March 2014

Still Waiting

Turblow has still not had her kittens! She gets bigger by the minute but still we wait. I took her to the vets on Friday to get her claws clipped. She love a lap and kneads my leg as soon as I sit down... feels like a thousand needles pinging in and out LOL Anyone who's knows me knows I'm a MAJOR needle phobic. Blow was as good as gold in the car but I could see she was not happy while at the vets, but then what animal is? Soon she was back home and you could visually see her relax.  
My girls just LOVE her as she is such a cuddle cat. She is also very clever not only will she eat with her paw and take sweets from my fingers standing up (will need to get pictures) If I ask her to show me her babies she will roll over for me to tickle her babies in her belly. 
Thought there might be some action last night as she was 'nesting' and then latter in the evening meowing a lot... but turns out she just wanted my Chinese tack out!!! No, she did not get any. 
My dad came round and we found Turblow is not so good with men. She did not run but was very wary and hid behind me. He just sat with her put his had out and waited for her to come to him while I talked gently to her. She went to him in the end but is still nervous around him. 
She has spent much of today laying on the windowsill in the warm sun. Yes, it's cold outside but warm in the sun with the radiator under the window. A few time we have spotted my other cats outside looking in at her. Sometimes when they are in they spy each other when we open the door to go in and out of the 'nursery'. No one appears to be fussed by the others so all good so far. Again I was trying to get pictures but they are away before I can grab the camera. Cats! *sigh*.

 Turblow love looking out into the garden

 Meanwhile in the living room.....

 No this chair is not normally in the living room I swapped it with an arm chair so I had somewhere nice to sit when in with Turblow
 And the beige picnic table... well we are eating in the living room until until the kittens comes. Oh, the big ginger boy is Godfrey
 Ex Scratching Post cats Izabelle and Anibelle

 Gezabelle doing her curled in a ball act!

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